Sustainability at a Neighborhood Scale
The Downtown Olympia EcoDistrict is Springing to Life!  Born out of a collaboration between The Commons @ Fertile Ground, The Evergreen State College and the City of Olympia, the EcoDistrict is in the formative stage seeking partners and participants.  Our Vision is a vibrant resilient sustainable neighborhood, with:
  • District-scale energy and water resources
  • A healthy sharing economy
  • Equitable housing for all who need it 
  • Welcome people-oriented places
  • Balance of open space and dense well-designed development
At this early stage we are introducing our ideas to the community and listening for ideas and energy aligned with our vision.  We are reaching out to neighborhood stakeholders, establishing an inclusive process with a seat at the table for everyone.  Finally we are learning about the EcoDistrict Protocol, which provides structure and guidance to neighborhood scale initiatives like ours.  To learn more visit www.EcoDistricts.org/protocol.

Where is the EcoDistrict? 
We are still deciding what our boundaries should be. Our project emanates from the SE Downtown Neighborhood surrounding Fertile Ground, but will most likely include all of downtown, the Port District and State Capitol Campus.  If you have a strong opinion about what should be included let us know!

The EcoDistrict Project is aligned with, and adds to the City of Olympia Downtown Strategy.  See Map at right.  For example, the Strategy's vision for the SE Downtown Neighborhood closely aligns with our own:  "...Establish a family-friendly residential neighborhood served by some offices, small-scale retail, cafes, and services. Encourage a range of housing (e.g., historic single-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhomes) and energy- and water-efficient buildings as well as other examples of “green innovations.” This area has gardens, children-oriented parks, and great pedestrian connectivity to the State Capitol Campus and other areas"

What is an EcoDistrict?

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We want to hear from You
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